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Friday, 05 December 2008 12:45
In theory, the Earth is hollow. Inside there are whole cultures. Some say that the UFO is from another planet, but from inside the earth. In the late 17th century suggested that the gas comes out of the holes at the poles is the cause of the Northern and Southern Lights. Jules Verne wrote in 1864 the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in describing the hollow earth. The Burrows, known science fiction writer, wrote several novels schetika.To 1869, Cyrus Reed, self-proclaimed alchemist, he founded a religious group and for forty years gave speeches and wrote articles for this issue. In 1913, Gardner published "Journey to the earth." In 1964 Admiral Birnt, Rosicrucian esoteric and published a book about the Hollow Earth and UFOs. Fly by airplane to the North Pole in 1926 and the south pole in 1929. Describe the inputs in the earth, the existence of vegetation, animals and developed politismou.Arage all this can be true? The story begins in the 18th century, when people did not even make sports hoaxes and scientific fraud and where there is no smoke without fire. 12 Comments

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