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The vampires in the beliefs and traditions of people living north of it is (the result of those who died from violent death and the influence of demonic elements are always villains having the ability to turn into cats, rats, and bats in order to approaching their victims. The vampire unlike what happens with the item, make sacrifices, even bloodthirsty humans or animals. secretly sleeps with women giving birth to children that their body has no bones. smothering people especially infants, drinking oil from the candles chapels and cemeteries, sucks the blood of sleeping people and animals makes pale and pasty, eating the viscera, broken furniture, contaminate food, but once peace returns and the projects he carried before his death. He travels several times away from home, where she lives with unknown people. married and his children until they discovered and burned with them in the fire. appears in the form of humans or animals but also inanimate object, fire or bag full of blood.'s version Germans in this matter is as follows: (a vampire becomes died a violent death, stabbed or demolished by the rock on which she or he was dead when he had gone cat, mouse or bird. That is why we should not pass these animals over the dead. If all these pass cat should be arrested and made seven laps around the dead). In another version of the vampire is dead, the priest who did not read the whole funeral, such as the priest had cursed not to melt. The excommunicated, the cursed, the loan shark, the murderer, a sinner in general which was plagued by vampire ate contaminated food in our mothers breasts, but the vampire once and he who loved someone and not even after death to the sell. The Faith in Action of rogue vampires has been incredibly strong before. Whole villages were abandoned by their inhabitants to escape the vampire. Older writers say outrageous scenes where children dig up the corpses of their parents to deduct from These hearts, to pierce and burn the corpses to get rid of the demonic element. Until we find peace in the underworld came disease and death in the region and even the crops are destroyed. These attitudes still exist today in countries and cities even though the technology and the rise of our time, we have pressure sores, the fear of vampires is just as alive as it generated. Maybe this is not just a legend that started sometime from somewhere like this. Recognizing all the existence of power and influence of good and evil, we could not rule out what everyone feared but artfully trying to banish from our minds. their own existence.Salem's Lot (1979)

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