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In Hebrew the word "Elohim" has many interpretations. It means the Sons of God, angels, the princes and the people who are distinguished for their virtue. Thus, in many texts, talk about the "Elohim", elsewhere meant the Angels of God and elsewhere God's Children. Therefore, in many cases, the Sons of God can be called Angels of God, as well as the virtuous people and they are called Angels.

The Roman Catholic Church even in the official version of the New Testament, the Vulgata, translates "Elohim" as God's Children. With this issue addressed and the Father of the West St. Augustine, who, in his book "State of God» (De civitate dei), argues that the term "Elohim" means the virtuous people, as the Angels are spirits and have no neither gender nor material bodies. It was therefore not possible to conclude the Angels relations with the daughters of men and thus, in his book Guilt, with the word "Elohim" means the virtuous. This is also evidenced in the book of "Genesis", where the sixth chapter and third verse (6.3) God relates to humans and not angels when he says: "There remains the life-giving Spirit of my people forever, because are in the flesh. " Therefore, those who were attracted by the beautiful women and joined them were righteous people, not the Angels.

Jesus himself, speaking to the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead, he said: "When I resurrected the dead, neither marry nor be married, but are like angels in heaven" (Matthew 22.30).

Thus becomes apparent that the Angels do not marry and therefore can not enter into relationships with women. The "Elohim" are virtuous and righteous people in another apocryphal text titled "Book of the struggle of Adam." In this text by Jared, who in the Old Testament is presented as the father of guilt, talking to his children he says: "I conjure the memory of our father Adam and Abel and Seth and guilt, listen and do not descend from the holy mountain, because if you get off the life and compassion would no longer be with you and you will no longer children of God but the Devil. "

To conclude the theme created for the Angels and the relationships with the daughters of men in his book Guilt, is due to mistranslation of the Hebrew word "Elohim", which the translators of the Greek language gave her the importance of the Angels, not the righteous people.

Angels and Elohim are two different entities. Angels are Asomati and Elohim with material body. The physical body does not necessarily mean flesh.

Battalions Angels: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, ownership, Powers, Powers, Principles, Archangels, Angels

Battalions Elohim El Knorr, El Lin, Zine El, El Nir, El Lan, El As, El mothers, El Gan, El Tan

According to Genesis, God willing, then He had made Elohim angels. The Elohim are superior entities of the angels. Especially the first Elohim, the old all day, says the culprit. And, once completed the creation, gave the order to create man (to whom?) Kateikona and likeness (in the first Elohim). Since man would likeness of Elohim, in its development, would be superior to the angels. For this reason was the rebellion of angels led by Samael, also known as the devil. The angels who rebelled were known as fallen angels. Later occurrence and the "fall of man from heaven", the story of Adam, with Eve and the apple. All this of course require enormous analysis, something impossible in so short a space.

With the fall of man, God instructed to monitor the Earth and man 201 Elohim and man command grow and multiply. Multiply the means to become more, to grow is to evolve into what we are destined to become. That likeness of Elohim. The 201 Elohim not have the right to grow and increasing amount, they did a great sin (wrong): being increasing amount.

So, according to the few publicly available sources, which is the ancient Greek novel, the Old Testament and the apocryphal book of guilt, some ... according to the Old Testament (Genesis, Cap 6, 1-2), the Elohim, but the will of God synefrethikan the daughters of men and created beings, creatures, individual, fruits of lawlessness Act (violation of cosmic genealogy rules). The creatures they fought among themselves (titanic battle) and the winners closed the losers to "Tartarus", sealing them into the Earth with special "gates" that nothing could theoretically be opened. Winners parektrapikan playing gods and goddesses among people, since their strengths and their skills were superhuman.

The genera are:
genus of Saturn - the humanoid.
strain of the Maltsech the Anouvi with human body and the head of jackal. The legend of werewolves. One of the most dangerous.
strain of Narountch of tragomorfon.
genus Valachis with goat legs and head. The satyrs of Greek mythology
strain of Revach Centaurs.
genus Kachrech with a human body and bull's head. Remember minotafro?
nee red body.
genus Ntousvech is the Cyclopes.
genus Lonsntvech a human body and feline head.
genus Sachernech head bird and a human body.
genus Lachmech with body and head tomcat bird.
genus Kasnach with a human body and the head reptile. The crawly of ufology.
genus Masravech with body winged bull and a human head.
genus Zasrantech known ekatoncheiron of Greek mythology.
genus of Bachometh nychteridomorfon. The myth of vampires.
genus Kasrampach of headless people.
Vasranech strain of the race of slaves of gray Nefelim. The gray aliens of oufologon.

Others, either from fear or from the amazing forces that had worshiped as gods by humans. Over the years, the oppression of Nefelim reached extremes. We used either as slaves or as food. Till Zeus was born. A Saturnalian Nefelim that, despite all the defects of his character, had developed a sense of justice. His forces were approaching those of their forefathers, the Elohim. Thus, 2 camps were created. This is the Nefelim, followed by Saturn, the father of Zeus, and believed that men are to serve them and the other, the party headed by Zeus, who believed that people should have rights. After his victory, along with other anthropomorphic Nefelim, aftonomastikan El Jupiter was able to reduce greatly the Nefelim and give freedom and rights to people.

Have you ever wondered why even today, we have names on roads as the route of Zeus the Saviour? Father of Jupiter, Saturn, was limited to Atlantis with his fellow, and Zeus erected as headquarters of the Olympus. Known to our gods 12. It was not long, however, comes the war. So was the war of Greek-Atlantean, with disastrous results. Known from ancient Greek literature. The defeated survivors barricaded Nefelim all to Tartarus and sealed there, except for 1900. The reign of Zeus lasted 1000 years and then was given a mandate from God, through Elohim, withdraw from the Earth, which is not liked at all, but could not do otherwise. It is known how a gate was opened after the departure of Zeus and was ordered to Alexander the Great to closed again, as we shall see below.

St. Andrew talks about "72 kings."

What is the land of Gog and Magog
The underground ones all countries that house them, ie "polluted nations" in Revelation, called the land of Gog and Magog. St. Andrew talks about "idol," ie the region of India and the Himalayas, while according to other books, gates there and elsewhere ...

The 72 kings of Nefelim (the names of 72 kings) are the following: Baal, agar, Vassagos, Marmpas, Samigkina, Valefor, Varvatos, Amoun, Boueros, Paimon, taste, Beleth, Sitri, Leraz, Balam, None, maneuver, Votis, Zepar, Vathin, Sallas, Marax, Pourson, Ipos, Navirios, Aiim, glaces Lampolas, Bioun, Berith, Ronove, Forneas, primed, forums Asmoudaios, Gkeap, Forfour, Marchosias, Fleet, Phoenix, Khalfan, Malfa, Raoum , Fokalor, Vepar, Saxe, Sampnok-Ra, Vine, Bifrons, voile, Chaagkenti, Krossel, Fourka Mourmouras, Orompas, Gkremory, Trains Allokes, boundaries, Vapoula, Zag, Balak, Antral, Chaoures, Andrealfos, Kimeges, Amdousias , Belial, Ntekarampia, Amy, Sire, and Dantalion Andromalios.

The "Gates" was inviolable. Underground genera, resulting from intermarriage with people, increase and multiply, and some of the "gates" to happen before Christ comes to "open". Then separate people, with faith in one God, assumed the seal. The last recorded gathering "lost infernal" and the seal of "gates" were open is what we read in the text of St. Andrew.

Also in the text of the 15th century whose author remains unknown, it is stated that Alexander turned abhorrently nations with bronze gates were surrounded by "unparalleled clear glass." That is because copper alone was not enough and could break, surrounded by an incomparable kind of glass, which means the form of energy pediou.Etsi gates remain closed until the coming eschaton years and opened by the Angel of God. There is text in the 7th century, which justifies and confirms again the San Andreas, how that Alexander sealed these gates.

Why are not there more information about the "gates"
Initially for these activities of Alexander no information since all the relevant ancient texts conceal elaborate. There are many sources that tell us about the "gates". The writings are well hidden but libraries in Jerusalem, Vatican City, Nevada and Macedonia ...

In several books (eg see the book "Secrets of the Third Temple of Solomon" Dimitris Papadakis) on this issue, you say how the headquarters Nefelim located in the desert Takla McCann, Xin Yang province in northern China. The name Takla McCann in the local language means you come in, but do not go out. So there is an ancient and gigantic pyramid, which, in the top, once stood the temple of Baal. Down So from this ancient pyramid, called the White Pyramid, is an underground city called Mach-Tunney, who, in the language of Nachrmpen means White State. The White brotherhood, and for which the elders of Mount Athos know, is essentially a 12-member council, composed of primordial Nefelim and other demons, who is Azazel, the Azazel, the Azarantel and Azael. In these four demons, angels will be empowered to make major disasters on Earth years to the utmost.

In conjunction with the history and prophecy of St. Andrew, Alexander closed the Nefelim, polluted nations that, under gates (ie under the White Pyramid) in 326 BC, and gates are located in India. Portals exist in other parts of the earth, and the North Pole. In fact, it closed 72 kings, says San Andreas. These then are the Kings will go out to the utmost years along with his followers and will haunt the world. It will not kill him, but would torment him, until we all accept the seal.

Saint Andrew says the power on Earth will last for 660 days, while the following passage from Revelation speaks of only 5 months, ie 150 days, because people will not last longer.

[Revelation TH10: and they have tails like unto skorpiois and centers, and the tail tais those having authorized the adikisai people five months]

If you read the prophecy of St. Andrew, says that will eat them alive people and drink their blood. It will also devour with great pleasure flies, frogs, dogs and all uncleanness ... The Nefelim farms have notified people who use them as slaves and as food. For Nefelim people is nothing other than farmed animals and in their language call them Gkoim, meaning edible.

The Nefelim can not get out of the gates, only very spiritually powerful of them, when someone call them, as with the simple call demons. On their return to Earth is called Big Top. These gates will open to the utmost the antichrist years. No wonder it has been said that the witnesses of these years will be the largest ever ...

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